The worst place to be if you’re afraid of heights – Toronto, Canada


When I arrived in Toronto in the summer of 2013, I was amazed by the skyscrapers. Because I’m from Europe, skyscrapers weren’t the sort of buildings I would see everyday, especially in the Netherlands. We have some big buildings in The Hague and Rotterdam, but not so many and not so high as in Toronto. Imagine my amazement when I saw the CN tower, which is about 550 meters high and which is one of the tallest towers in the world.

You mustn’t be scared of heights when visiting the CN tower. But when you aren’t,
DSC_0023it’s a great experience. You go up in an elevator, where there’s someone telling you some facts about the tower. When you’re on top, you can walk around and enjoy a 360° view of Toronto and take some great pictures. There’s also a glass floor, which even I thought was a little scary.

There’s a small airport nearby the tower, so if you’re lucky, you can see some planes take off and land from a bird’s eye view, something you’ve probably never seen. To make the CN tower even more exciting for daredevils, you can take the Edgewalk. This means you can walk on the roof of the pod, while attached to a rail. We didn’t do this, because it was quite expensive and it took a long time to wait for your turn, but it seemed very cool.

There’s a huge souvenir shop and there are also some opportunities to take fun pictures, like the left one below. There’s also a big moose in a Canadian uniform that you can take pictures with. On top of the tower, there’s a restaurant and a small bar, where we bought a slushy and a cookie. The entrance fee is about 35 dollars. Quite expensive, but it’s very cool to visit one of the largest towers of the world. The CN tower seems to still deny that it’s no longer the tallest one though. It was stated everywhere that it still held the record.

DSC_0010 DSC_0016 DSC_0005


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