The London eye: visit by day or by night? – London, United Kingdom

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I’ve visited London twice; once in the autumn of 2012 with my parents and sister and once in the summer of 2014 with my friends. I visited the London Eye both times! When I was with my parents, we visited the London Eye at night, so we could see all the lights. With my friends, we visited it during the day. It was quite rainy then, but you could still see quite far.

The London Eye is a big ferriswheel in the center of London. It’s next to the Thames and only a few minutes walking from the Westminster Palace with the Big Ben. The wheel is 135 metres tall, so you can imagine how great the view over London is. It’s one of London’s most popular tourist attractions for a reason.

You will have to stand in line for a while, both for the tickets and for the ferriswheel. Make sure you bring an umbrella when it’s rainy weather, because me and my friends forgot to bring one and the umbrella’s they sold were quite expensive, so being the cheapskates we were, we just stood in the cold drizzle for 30 minutes. I played some music to get us through and some people around us actually started to sing along.You’ll also have to get in and out of the passenger capsules while the ferris wheel is still moving. The first time I was getting in and out, I was a little nervous, not sure if there was enough time for everyone to get out. But of course there was.

When you get into the capsule, make sure you get a good spot if you want to take some good pictures. When you get in, go to the right if you want to take some great pictures of the bridges over the Thames and on the left if you want to get a view of Westminster palace. Hopefully you’ll be in the capsule with some nice people, so that you can take good pictures of both sides.

Tickets for adults are 23 pounds. If you buy tickets online in advance, they’re a bit cheaper and you don’t have to stand in line as long. If I had to choose which visit to the London eye was the best, I’d choose the time we visited it when it was dark. Seeing all the city lights was absolutely amazing.

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