Christmas lights and ice skating – Bruges, Belgium

I was in Bruges with a friend at the end of november in 2014. DSC_0034
We went there because we wanted to see some famous Flemish artworks in the Groeningemuseum. And when we took a walk through the city in the evening to see the famous old town hall, we stumbled upon a christmas market! It was on the Simon Stevin square that we suddenly saw little wooden stalls selling christmas things. Even the shops next to the squares had decorated their windows with small christmas trees and christmas lights.

On the main square of Bruges, the Grote Markt, was a skating rink. many people were ice skating around beautifully illuminated trees. The small houses on the north side of the square also had christmas lights on their facades and the old town hall and the belfort were illuminated. We watched people ice skate for a while and took some beautiful pictures on the square.

DSC_0052 DSC_0064

It was possible to go inside the Historium next to the town hall. Even though it was closing at the moment, we managed to go inside and went to the café at the first floor. Here you have the opportunity to taste some Belgian beers while sitting on the balcony and enjoying a gorgeous view over the Grote Markt. Both of us didn’t really like beer though, so we only took a few pictures and after a while we left again.

We both found Bruges very beautiful, but also very touristy. The streets were  extremely busy and you could hear more English than Flemish. The streets are quite narrow, because the centre is very old and with this many people, it sometimes felt more like we were moving through a crowd than just strolling around through the streets. The next morning we woke up a little early though and the streets were much more quiet and the atmosphere was very nice. You could much better appreciate the beautiful buildings in this very romantic city.

1510824_652795651496737_5289674113305309140_n 10858396_652795504830085_7173798379872430031_n


6 thoughts on “Christmas lights and ice skating – Bruges, Belgium

      1. It’s weird to hear different opinions because when we went, we were shocked by how quiet it was^^ Like we would walk in the snowy streets in the evening and be the only ones there! I would recommend going back on week day in winter, you are not too far from it 😉

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