Going out in Sunny Beach: the fun and the dangers – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

I’m actually not much of a going out person. I’d always choose just sitting around with friends over clubbing. But because I went to Bulgaria with my friend that loves going out, I decided to compromise and go out a few times. She visited some culural sights with me in return and we had a great holiday. But because I knew so little about going out, I also didn’t know that Sunny Beach is quite an infamous place, known for date rape drugs. That worried me a little in the beginning, but we decided that we would just watch our drinks very carefully and we’d be fine.

DSC02363And indeed, luckily we didn’t have any negative experiences concerning drugs. We did hear from some other people in our hotel that had been robbed when they took a taxi back to the hotel and the taxi went to an abandoned terrain.. We could only imagine what they would have done to two girls instead of boys.. Our hotel was quite close to the Flower Street, the main street where all the big clubs were, so we decided to just walk back every night.

The first night we went out, we went with a clubnight of our tour operator. It cost us only 10 euros to have free acces to five clubs and at every one of them there was a free drink or a free shot. We started at the Playa Beach Bar, which was a beach bar where you had swings instead of barstools and there were beanbags and hammocks you could just lay around in and enjoy a view of the beach. We drank our first welcome drink, which was a tasty cocktail, and hung around in the hammocks for a while.

DSC02343      DSC02356

Afterwards, we went to the Flying Dutchman. They spin a lot of Dutch party songs here, to my friend’s delight. Since I don’t go out much, I didn’t know that many of them but I had a very fun time anyways. These are the kind of songs that you can sing along to after you’ve only heard the chorus once. We tried some apple pie shots here out of curiosity. The weird thing was that they actually put whiped cream on the shots and some cinnamon. So after you’d swallowed the apple cider, you still had a dot of whipped cream and some cinnamon in your mouth. And that’s not very tasty.

After the Flying Dutchman, we went to a pub called Jacks. It DSC02365looked nice but it smelled like vomit on the inside, so we just sat outside for a while. There were two Dutch tour operators at this pub, so they decided to do a beer drinking contest. And our group won! Yeeah! The fourth club we went to was called the Hollister. I had to go to the toilet here and please be prepared. The toilets were super dirty. In some clubs they even have two toilets in one stall, the BFF toilet. Weird? At least the music at the Hollister club was nice and we had a great time there. The last club was the Viking. It was very busy and very fun. I think the Viking was my favourite club of the night. The music was nice and there was a nice atmosphere. The toilets were not as dirty as the ones in Hollister and we danced for a long time there.

DSC02370After the clubnight we went to get a snack and went on our way home again. But on our way home we came across the funfair. And it seemed a good idea at the time to take a ride in the rollercoaster. (What were we thinking?) After feeling like we’d been in a blender for a while, we finally went back to the hotel.

So in conclusion, you can have lots of fun going out in Sunny Beach. Just keep an eye on your drink and keep your money in a safe place. Leave your valuables in a locker in the hotel and don’t approach any taxi’s. If you really need a taxi, it’s best to just call a taxi company you can trust (I heard Taximar is a good one, but ask your tour operator). Other than these precautions, just have a fun time and enjoy Sunny Beach!


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