Batman on the Berlin Wall – Berlin, Germany

Visiting Berlin is an amazing experience. I personally felt like I could feel the history while walking through the city. Especially the Second World War and the division of Berlin by the Berlin Wall left their scars on this city that are still visible today. Quite literally actually, because you can still see bullet holes in many older buildings. But also the many memorials and the difference in buildings between the former East and West Berlin remind the visitor of Berlins history.


Something that also reminds of this history is the East Side Gallery. This is however a much more colorful and cheerful monument. The East Side Gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall that is still standing and artists have decorated it entirely with street art. It is lovely to stroll past the Gallery and take some nice pictures.

8  10

Some artworks are also trying to convey a message. Like the quote on the picture below: Many small people who in many small places do many small things, can alter the face of the world. Another artwork reminds of the time of the division of Berlin, with soldiers and barbed wire. Another thought-provoking piece is an artwork depicting a thumb that is held up by a chain. The last picture is of an artwork depicting people of different cultures all helping to take down a wall and it says: There are many walls to break down.

5  7

But after every few serious artworks, something fun and colorful appears. Like this head with huge lips or Batman. In short, I would definitely recommend visiting the East Side Gallery. At least, if the weather is nice!

11  12


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