Rainbows in a cathedral – Madrid, Spain

The Almudena cathedral is the most important church in Madrid. It was built quite recently. The construction started in 1883 and the cathedral was only consecrated in 1993. This is why you see many different styles in the church, from neogothic to neoclassicism and in the interior you can see many modern styles. Not only do you see much more color than you usually see on the inside of a church, a lot of artworks are also made in modern styles.

The ceiling of the cathedral is very colorful. It looks like there are multiple rainbows above you while you’re walking through the nave. At the intersection of the nave and the transept, there’s a blue square cupola, that looks like the night sky, only prettier. And behind the altar, there are paintings that make the whole even more colorful.

One artwork that I found special was the altarpiece in the transept, opposite of the entrance. You have to walk up the stairs to see it up close. There’s a font, above which we see Mary holding baby Jesus. Around it are paintings depicting scenes from the lives of Jesus and Mary.

What also made the visit to this cathedral special for me, was that I attended part of a mass here. The archbishop of Spain was present and spoke to the people. And even though I don’t speak Spanish (yet) and couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time, it was nice to experience a mass in this beautiful cathedral.

When you decide to visit the Almudena cathedral (which I definitely recommend), make sure you know what the opening hours are and when the masses are. You are naturally not allowed to walk around in the cathedral during masses. There is also a museum that tells the history of the cathedral. This museum has an entrance fee and the opening hours are different from the opening hours of the cathedral.

Make sure not to skip this beautiful cathedral when visiting Madrid!


4 thoughts on “Rainbows in a cathedral – Madrid, Spain

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