The cutest place to shop in London – London, United Kingdom

Of course London has many cute shops and market stalls. But the place where all cute shops and market stalls come together is Camden Town. If you’re in London for a few days, a day trip to Camden Town is a great idea, especially if you like markets and shopping.

There’s all kinds of stuff you can find here; clothes, jewelry, home decor and all kinds of delicious food and drinks! Not only did we have a delicious lunch here the first time we went to Camden Town, the last day of our trip we returned to Camden Town just to have lunch there! For example, the first time I had a piece of pizza which was prepared in front of me with fresh ingredients. The second time I also had a really tasty fruit smoothie, which was also prepared in front of me with fresh fruit. I had to wait in line for a moment for this one, because the cool smoothie was really popular on a warm day.

Not only do they sell fresh and healthy foods, there are also some shops selling delicious cupcakes! My friend and I bought mini cupcakes in four different flavours. These cupcakes were also for sale at a market stallΒ in the Kings Cross metro station, so if you don’t have the chance to eat the cupcakes at Camden Town, try them here!

Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s cool to walk around here and just enjoy the atmosphere. The houses look really cool and it’s also just nice to look around and walk through the market stalls when the weather is nice. Some parts of the market are indoor so even if it’s raining you can still have lots of fun (it’s probably better to go here when the weather is nice though).


I bought a dragon ear cuff, a Game of Thrones T-shirt saying “I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi”, some tights with cat heads on it and a rose headband. And I’m still happy with these souvenirs!



18 thoughts on “The cutest place to shop in London – London, United Kingdom

  1. Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies. Fun to see your look at Camden Town, thanks. I was there more than 40 years ago. Um, it looked different then. For one thing, I don’t think there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken there then.

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  2. Camden was also one of my favourite places a few years ago and I’m planning to go there again next week.
    Last year I’ve tried to go there for dinner and it was a terrifying experience, looked like a ghetto. This time I have to go during the day to walk and shop until my feet hurt!!

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  3. Camden is actually my favourite part of London! There’s always so much happening, lots of great gigs at night as well, the best orange juice in the entire world (not even kidding, I don’t live in London anymore but make sure I get some of that orange juice every time I can go to London!), and some brilliant food. If you go back, you should go for a walk along Regent’s Canal (the river that goes through Camden Town), it’s gorgeous!
    Also, I’m super jealous of your tee-shirt!!! I wanted to buy it last time but their “one size fits all” didn’t fit me… 😦

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    1. Sounds like I also need to try some orange juice next time I’m in London! Where did you get it? And yes, I loved the food so much in Camden Town. And it’s too bad that the shirt didn’t fit, maybe you can find it online in your size? πŸ™‚


      1. It’s a stall that changes places so quite hard to explain but it’s always in Camden! Here is a quick video where you can see what the stall looks like^^ it has lots of plastic oranges on it for decoration and they have their little bottles ready on a bed of ice πŸ˜‰ I might try to look online for the tee-shirt but we’re traveling around the UK for a few months so we don’t currently have an adress. Maybe once we’re settled down again πŸ˜‰

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