The guide to Montmartre for art lovers – Paris, France

Montmartre is known as the art-district of Paris, so for art lovers, this is the place to be. But once you’re there, where do you start exploring? What are the must-sees for art lovers?  Here is my list of things to do and see in Montmartre.


The wall of love
Made by calligraphist Fédéric Baron and mural artist Claire Kito, this wall of love is a huge artwork in the Rictus square, right next to the metro stop Abbesses. The phrase “I love you” is written here in 250 languages. The red pieces in between are all pieces that form one big red heart if you would put them together. A fun game is to try to find your own language. I did find the Dutch one, but unfortunately it was spelled wrong. It said “Ik how van je” instead of “Ik houd van je.”

The Sacré-coeur 
Of course this famous Parisian cathedral is a must-see in Montmartre. The name of the cathedral literally means the holy heart. It was built between 1875 and 1914 and it’s dedicated to the heart of Jesus. It is built on a really high point, so from the entrance of the church, you have a really nice view over Paris. The dome is even the highest point in Paris after the Eiffeltower! It’s worth it to walk around the Sacré-coeur if you find architecture interesting. The building was designed by Paul Abadie. But don’t forget to go inside as well. There is a beautiful mosaïc behind the altar and there are some pretty stained-glass windows.

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Visit famous artist’s former houses
Montmartre has been the art district of Paris for many, many years. Many famous artists have lived and worked in this neighbourhood, like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. Most of the houses will say if there was a famous artist working or living there. Fun detail: there are a few sunflowers in front of the windows of the appartment where Van Gogh used to live.

Espace Dalí
This museum is dedicated to the art of Salvador Dalí. We probably all know him because of his melting clocks and his elephants on stilts. I found it very interesting to listen to the audioguide explain the symbolism of all the works. I never knew how much meaning there was behind his artworks. A full-priced ticket costs €11,50 and an audiotour costs €3,50.

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Visit some small art galleries
There are plenty of small art galleries in Montmartre. I visited the Gallerie Montmartre, which can be found on the Place du Tetre. If you like modern and contemporary art, it’s fun to look around for a bit.


Have your portrait drawn
And if you’re on Place du Tetre anyway and have some time, you can have your portrait drawn! This square is always filled with portrait artists that can make the most beautiful drawings. Here are some extra tips for getting your portrait drawn in Montmartre.


And finally, go check out the Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge is an icon of Montmartre, so why not end your walk through Montmartre with a touristy shot at the Moulin Rouge? There is even an air grid in front of it to make your picture more glamorous and fun!

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