The most picturesque place in Luxembourg city – Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

The Place de la Constitution is a square in the centre of Luxembourg city. It’s a great place to take pictures, because you have an amazing view over multiple sights. If you look closely, you can see multiple layers of history from this square.


The Place de la Constitution
You can recognize this square by the multiple flags of Luxembourg and Europe. It lies on the edge of the city centre and overlooks the Pétrusse valley. Under this square, there is a big labyrinth of corridors from the 17th century.

The Pétrusse valley
The Pétrusse is a river that runs through Luxembourg city. It’s not really a big river anymore, but over the centuries, it has made a valley in the middle of the city. All kinds of trees grow here and the view is beautiful. I was there at the beginning of the fall, so most of the trees already had red and yellow leaves, which made the valley even more beautiful.


The Adolphe Bridge
This is the bridge over the Pétrusse valley. It was designed by Paul Séjourné and Albert Rodange and built between 1900 and 1903. It is no less than 153 metres long and is built with one central arch. It is one of the city’s tourist attractions, because of the special construction and the views people have over the valley from the bridge.


The Monument of Remembrance
If you look to your left on the Place de la Constitution, you will see the Monument of Remembrance. It’s a big obelisk with The Golden Woman on top, called Gëlle Fra, the goddess of victory. The Monument of Remembrance was built in 1923 to commemorate the victims of the First World War. Today, it is a symbol for the freedom of the people of Luxembourg.


The High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community
From the Place de la Constitution, you will also see this beautiful tower stand out above the trees on the other side of the valley. It belongs to the former building of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community. The European Coal and Steel Community was one of the first international organizations that was meant to unify some European countries after the Second World War. In a way, it lead the way to the founding of the European Union. And this building was the headquarters of the executive branch of that first unification.


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14 thoughts on “The most picturesque place in Luxembourg city – Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

  1. Going to luxembourg soon, so excited!! Your pictures make me not wanna wait for it! Thanks for sharing the information I’ll check out the places you describes 🙂
    Sandra ( 👋

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  2. I was there last Winter, it was great and very interesting, although it was really cold and windy. The landscape with the surrounding hills and the valley, the high bridges and the different views up and down at the City are amazing. Best wishes,


      1. 🙂 with the right clothes, everything is fine 😉 and we found a nice second Hand shop with a small sit-in Café where we got tasty cake and cappuccino to warm up to cheaper prices than in “usual” cafés… Unfortunately I forgot the name…

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