How to visit Parc Güell – Barcelona, Spain

Parc Güell is a modernist park in Barcelona designed by the artist Antoni Gaudi at the beginning of the 20th century. It was originally meant to be a housing site, but unfortunately, no one was interested to buy a house here. Eventually, only two houses were built and one of them was bought by Gaudi himself. He lived here for 20 years and his house is currently a museum of his work.


Today, the site is a municipal garden, where people can admire some beautiful mosaic works by Gaudi. The park is built on a hill, so you will need to climb a lot of stairs, both to reach the park and to walk around in the park. The part where Gaudi’s mosaic works are has a small entrance fee, the entrance to the rest of the park is free. But of course you’ll want to visit Gaudi’s beautiful works, so the best is to enter the park through the main entrance.

At the main entrance, you will see two houses designed by Gaudi, the porter’s lodge and the warden’s house. The first work you’ll see is the colorful salamander on the main stairs, also known as ‘el drac’, the dragon. Its face was destroyed by vandals in 2007, but today it’s restored again.

When you walk further up the stairs, you’ll reach the big terrace, held up by many columns. The space underneath the terrace is often called the Sala de Cien Columnas, the room of hundred columns, but in reality, there are 86 columns. This place has great acoustics, so there are often musicians making some music here. On the ceiling between the colomns, you can find a beautiful tiled mosaic by Gaudi resembling the sun.

On top of the terrace, you’ll find a long mosaic bench around the edge. This long bench has a unique waving shape and from this point, you will have a great view over Barcelona. On the sides of the terrace, there is a viaduct, which is supported by diagonal columns. Take your time to walk around the gardens for a bit from this point. We walked all the way up, where we had another beautiful view of Barcelona.


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