Travel plans for the next half year

The next year will be full of adventures. I have just graduated from my art history bachelor (yay!) and I’ve decided to take a gap year before starting my master. For the past few years, I have been saving up my money so that I can travel a lot this year. So, now that I have the time and the money, what are my travel plans?

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August: Portugal
In a few weeks, I will be leaving for Portugal with my family. I’ve never been to Portugal before and this will be the 20th country I visit. We’re staying at a beach town near Lisbon, so we’re probably going to explore Lisbon for a few days. I’m also excited to see Sintra, which has a beautiful colorful castle.



September: Greece
As a present for my graduation, my mom is taking me to Athens for a few days (I know, I’m super lucky)! I have been in Greece before, but I’ve never been to Athens. I’m curious to see the Parthenon and the Erechteion and other ancient Greek artworks, which I learned a lot about in both secondary school and during my art history bachelor. I hope it won’t be too hot for a citytrip in September, but if it happens to be really hot, we can always take a tram to the beach!



October: Czech Republic
I’ve wanted to visit Prague for a really long time now. And in October, my boyfriend and I are planning to finally visit this beautiful and romantic city for the first time. I’m looking foreward to taking lots of beautiful pictures of the city and to go shopping for a bit, since the Czech koruna is pretty cheap compared to the euro.

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November: Peru
In November, I will finally be leaving for my big South-American adventure. I will start in Lima, from where I will be taking a tour that lasts over 40 days. In November I will see Lima, Paracas, Huacachina, Nazca, where we can view the famous Nazca lines, Arequipa and Chivay, from where we will explore the Colca Canyon and hopefully see some condors.



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December: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina
At the start of December, we will arrive in Cuzco and start trekking the Sacred Valley to see Machu Picchu, where we will explore the cradle of the Inca empire. When we return to Cuzco, we will travel to the Titica lake, where the Bolivian part of the adventure will start. Afterwards, we’ll travel to La Paz, Potosi, where we’ll explore an old silvermine, and to the Uyuni salt flats. We’ll make a small stop in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile before travelling to Salta in Argentina. I will spend my Chistmas and New Year’s Eve in Argentina’s wine region, so we’ll have some good wine during the holidays!



January: Argentina, Chile, Antarctica(?)
The tour will stop in Santiago in Chile. From here, I will travel on my own through Patagonia, hopefully seeing Torres del Paine and the Perito Moreno glacier. I will end up in the southernmost city of the world: Ushuaia. From here, many companies organize cruises to Antarctica. I would love to go on one of these cruises, but they’re really expensive (really really really expensive). So I hope I’ll be able to save some more money this summer and to find a good last minute deal. Afterwards, I’ll be flying back north to Buenos Aires.



February: Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
After exploring Buenos Aires, I will try to see a few parts of Uruguay. I heard the town Colonia is pretty nice and I’d also like to see Montevideo. Afterwards, I’ll travel to Posadas, which lies on the Argentinean-Paraguayan border and I will try to take a daytrip to the Jesuit ruins in Paraguay. Then I will take a bus to the Iguazu falls and enter Brazil. I’ll probably visit Sao Paolo and then I’ll go to Rio de Janeiro to experience carnival! I’m still unsure if I want to visit the Amazon rainforest, it depends on how much time (and money) I have left.

As you can see, I already have a lot of travel plans for this year. I’m super excited to see all kinds of new countries, new cities, meet new people, try new food and get the most out of my gap year! If you have any recommendations for the cities I’m going to visit, please let me know. I’m also curious to hear what your travel plans are for the next year!

I also wanted to thank you all, because The World Is My Museum has reached 1000 followers! I didn’t expect this blog to gain followers this fast and I’m really grateful to all of you. I hope you will keep enjoying my posts as I go on more and more adventures this next year!

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43 thoughts on “Travel plans for the next half year

  1. I just come back from my big Greek adventure. If you have more time try to see more of Greece.It’s fantastic country. If you need inspiration for some Greek places check my blog. Have a nice trip! 😉

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  2. I love your life, Felicia! I’m kinda doing the same thing here in the U.S. visiting a city I haven’t been to before (currently I’m drunk in Miami’s South Beach, which is incredible!). But next year I’m traveling overseas to Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand for starters. I check your blog for ideas so keep them coming. Enjoy your life!

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    1. Thank you! Miami was the first city I visited in the U.S. and I loved the beach, so it must be a great place to hang around right now! It’s so cool that you’re going to Australia and New Zealand! I would love to go there too some day, but from Europe, it’s literally the other side of the world, so the plane tickets are expensive. Enjoy your time there!

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  3. That sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve been to Portugal (my favorite country), Greece, and the Czech Republic (be careful; it’s no longer connected with Slovakia). If you would like any suggestions on what to do there, I can offer tips! Otherwise, I look forward to your travel posts. Take care!

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    1. Oops thank you, I’ll edit it! I would love suggestions! Have you been to Athens and Prague as well? What were your favorite things to do there? Any beautiful churches I can’t miss? Any awesome restaurants? 🙂

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      1. Yes, I went to Athens and Prague. For the former, the Acropolis is a must. I would suggest visiting Santorini, if you have the time: it’s a cute little island with the iconic blue-domed houses, and incredible wine-tasting opportunities. I actually preferred it over Athens!

        Prague was amazing; I was there for four nights in October and saw the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the John Lennon Wall. Food was fantastic and cheap; you can even get beer for under 2 euros!

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      2. Thank you so much! I probably won’t have the time to visit Santorini but I would love to go there some day. I hope it’s not too touristy though. I will keep your tips in mind when I visit, thank you very much!

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  4. Wow, awesome plans! Congrats for the degree. Be careful in South America especially Argentina and Brazil. I’m from an island in southern Brazil and I might be there when you visit the country. If you want to visit Florianopolis I might be able to show you around and even offer you a place to stay for a few days.

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      1. I am from Czech Republic. Definitelly you need to see the Old Town where the Astronomical clock is and Charles Bridge. There is so much to see it depends how many days you will spend there. Also if you are a foodie you need to try ‘svickova’ and ‘gulas’ and of cource beer 🙂

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  5. Athens is fascinating, but I really love Mykonos. Not for the party scene, but for the amazing waters for sailing and the fascinating interior (horse riding there is a must).

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